Reviews from parents of students I have recently tutored online:




My son had the pleasure of working with Nektaria in the run up to his 11/13+ written English entrance exams. She is charismatic, patient, kind, efficient, flexible, engaged and fully committed.  Nektaria would always follow up after each session with a brief and helpful summary of what had been discussed and achieved. She is pro-active and would recommend a range of resources and homework for my son to do, so that her lessons could be even more efficient and productive.  I would highly recommend Nektaria to help any child of any ability to prepare for the competitive English 11 and 13 plus exams. She really knows the process and is a rock of support and encouragement. 



Mother of a student preparing for the 11+ and 13+ examinations, London, 2022






Nektaria is a hard-working, inspiring, dedicated, experienced, motivated, compassionate, trustworthy and reliable English teacher. Her method of teaching is exceptional, engaging and thought provoking.

My daughter's progress in IGCSE English language and literature has been phenomenal and beyond our expectations. We cannot thank you enough!

 All the best,
Leila (Brighton), 2021






Nektaria has worked with our son for three months to help him with 9+ preparation for London Day Schools. Even in such a short time frame, she has successfully prepared him and he was accepted to all the schools he applied to. He was initially reluctant to do online tutoring, but she managed to win him over, get him to focus and encourage his love of learning. As a parent, I particularly appreciated the prompt and detailed feedback on his progress, which helped us to follow up at home. 


David - Singapore - 9+ Exam Preparation, 2021


Nektaria has been working with my children for the last 2 years and she does an excellent job in helping them to improve their English writing skills. She is professional and patient and always provides clear, insightful, valuable and timely feedback on their homework. Her thorough notes and comments after each lesson are very useful and provide good tips for their revisions. I would definitely recommend Nektaria. 


 Angela - Hong Kong and UK - 13+ Exam Preparation, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


I have been taught by Nektaria for about a year and she has helped me achieve not only my target of A but an A* in both Language and Literature in the IGCSE English A course! She is not only a great tutor, but an understanding one. Her flexibility towards one's academic needs and limits always tend to surprise me. The preparation for each lesson is more than sufficient to ensure that I had the necessary tools to improve my skills. I would never have been able to strengthen my confidence and ability in the analysis of literature if it weren't for her wonderful tactic of implanting certain ideas to allow the mental mind map to sprout and grow. Most importantly, the comments for every writing piece are worth the lesson fee alone. These comments are informative, well-rounded and provide even more ideas to potentially improve the writing quality by an entire grade level. Useful. Interactive. Ideal. These are three words that I would use to describe Nektaria's highly recommended tutoring services. 


Jonathan - Hong Kong - IGCSE Exam Preparation, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Nektaria teaches two of my children. I always get a prompt weekly report. Her feedback is impeccably detailed, in very plain language including a full explanation of the objectives and how this has been achieved in relation to my child's performance. My daughter, who is working towards her GCSEs, has found her marking very helpful in light of the recent changes in the grading system. Most importantly, she has a clear understanding of how to tackle questions to achieve excellence in the exam. Crucially, my children enjoy her tutorship. 


Kemi - UK - 11+ and GCSE preparation, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




My son and daughter have learned so much from Nektaria's prompt feedback. The explanations are clear, detailed and my children have been inspired by the advice and that is a reason why they have quickly improved in their work. Nektaria has also provided model answers for reference which has increased the relevance of the current topics. With the marking given at the end of the homework, we are able to know the exact progress of each child.


Sharon - Hong Kong - 11+ and GCSE preparation, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        




Nektaria has taught my three boys for about 3 years. She is patient, organised and knowledgeable. She is capable of teaching a variety of levels (both primary and secondary levels) and the basics of grammar. After each lesson, she gives students detailed comments and guidance which is very helpful for reflection and improvement. She is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her. 


Edwina - Hong Kong - International Baccalaureate, 2020






Nektaria has a wonderful warm manner and is engaging, fun and inspiring. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons and feels that she is continually being challenged and stretched. Nektaria nurtures the love of English as well preparing my daughter extremely well for her exams. She also provides comprehensive feedback to the student on their written work and a summary is sent to the parents after every lesson so they know how their child is progressing. My daughter feels very lucky to have found such a brilliant teacher.
Mother of a Year 11 student in Hong Kong, 2020

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